Frozen Human Semen Sample

  • discDonor tested for HIV, HBs Ag, VDRL, Thalassemia, Sickle cell
  • discAll the donors are tested for diabetic & morphology.
  • discQuarantined for six months
  • discReady to use IUI
  • disc20 million motile sperms/vial (0.5ml) with 70% Motility
  • discSupplied with required reports
         Blood group, Bone Structure, Height, Colour (eye, skin, hair)

Auto Conservation Facility

This facility is available at our centre.

Semen Cryopreservation is a safe process that maintains the reproductive potential of Human Spermatozoa during effectively indefinite storage in Liquid Nitrogen at - 196°C.

Semen Autoconservation
There are various reasons for semen autoconservation.
  1. Preservation of reproductive potential before chemical, radiological, or surgical cancer therapy which might, or even will render an individual sterile, severely subfertile, or impotent.

  2. "Fertility Insurance" for a man before he undergoes surgical sterilization by vasectomy.

  3. "Convenience Cryobanking" to ensure that man's spermatozoa will be available to treat his partner during his absence (e.g., military service) or as a reserve in case he is unable to provide a fresh ejaculate at the precise moment it is required for an IVF, GIFT, or IUI procedure.


Other possible applications, such as the idea of storing and subsequently pooling ejaculates from an oligospermic patient, have not proven beneficial, in this case because of the poor cryosurvival of spermatozoa from such men.


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