Revolutionary Shukratara enters in the field of A. R. T. with Global Vision

Inspired by the instinct support by our valued customers we have designed & developed “SHUKRATARA” a Sperm Counting Chamber. In the medical world the ‘Shukra’ means Sperm & Tara means the Shining Star. In a microscopic evaluation Shukratara provides a clear vision of the Sperm with precise and accurate results. This instrument does not require any calibration.

As the name indicates Shukratara is a Biotechnological product for accurate Semen Analysis. SHUKRATARA instrument has ISO 9001:2008 certification and provides a self controlled test for accuracy.

SHUKRATARA is designed by the state of art precision Engineering. The vital part is checked by laser beam for precision accuracy. SHUKRATARA is designed specifically for determination of sperm concentration and percent motility of undiluted semen.

In the era of Assisted Reproductive Technology a functional motile sperm plays a very vital role. During semen analysis an applied specimen is to be evaluated in one focal plane. Shukratara achieves these criteria as it has 10 μ (micron) depth. The Cover glass is provided with a fine Grid (Surface Graticule) of 1mm in the centre which is subdivided into 100 squares of 0.100 X 0.100 mm each spacing is secured by four quartz pins. The SHUKRATARA can be loaded with a standard volume of 5 vL .The number of sperms counted in any 10 square from the grid will indicate their concentration in millions /ml directly. There is no need to take any additional factor for sperm calculation. Quantitative and Qualitative assessment of sperm motility in terms of sperm concentration is calculated within the same focus of microscopy. The cover glass will easily rest at the four contact points of the glass piece.

Shukratara is highly sophisticated instrument especially designed for Semen Analysis

Instrumental specialties are as under

  1. Undiluted Semen can be used for sperm count, thus it is easy to use
  2. The number of sperm counted in any 10 square from the grid indicates their Concentration in millions / ml directly. Thus there is no need of additional factors or calculation and you will get quick results.
  3. The 10 micron depth eliminates blurring image and allow free movement of Sperms.
    The applied specimen is easily evaluated in one focal plane (Mono layer Formation.)
  4. The cover glass is encircled by a metallic ring. The designing is such that, when instrument is loaded with the sample, the cover glass will never raise. The microscopic observation becomes easier and remains uninterrupted.
  5. Observation of color fringes at the four contact points provides a self controlled test for accuracy.
  6. Before reuse clean the SHUKRATARA with non bleach disinfectant solution.
  7. Repeated use with complete accuracy without calibration is the specialty of Shukratara.


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